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I help people who want to live their best life by offering low-carb, keto-friendly recipes, and educational support for those who want to live a low-carb or keto lifestyle.

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Every recipe I’ve tried has turned out well, with little to no tweaking required. I appreciate that her recipes are seemingly balanced between sweet and savory – some sites are so dessert recipe driven it’s become irritating. SSH understands very well what it means to be keto / low-carb.


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I am Annissa Slusher, DC, ND and cofounder of Simply So Healthy, LLC.

I believe that eating low-carb can be enjoyable as well as healthy. I spend my days in the kitchen creating recipes for savory main courses, satisfying vegetables, and tasty treats so I can share them with you. My goal is to help those who choose to eat low-carb or keto stay on their plan.


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